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Angel Eyes Driving Lamps, All MX5 Models
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Angel Eyes Driving Lamps, All MX5 Models

Angel Eyes Driving Lamps, All MX5 Models

£71.03 inc Vat
by Stephen Smith
Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
Your product description didn't specify this but... if you have a Mk2.5 without factory fitted foglamps, these lamps are a perfect fit for the bumper. Fitting will require more work than simply hanging them in the front grill/air scoop but the final effect is much better.
In a nut shell -
1 remove the front inner wheel arches so you can get to the inside of the bumper,
2 - remove the plastic (dummy) vents in the bumper. You will notice the mounting lugs for the factory fitted fog lamps.
3 - position the angel eye fog lamps on the outside of the bumper (you may need to get someone to hold them in place for you while you do the next bits).
4 - loosely fit the mounting bracket to the angel eye fog lights from the indise of the bumper.
5 - carefully position the brackets so they slide along the top fog light mounting lug.
6 - Drill a hole in the mounting lug so you can mount the bracket.
7 - mount the bracket and then tighten up all the screws
8 - wire up the angel eys to the side lights
9 - wire up the main bulbs. (to remove the need for an unsightly switch in the cockpit and all the messy wiring needed, I have wired my light up to the main beam bulbs. Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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