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Audiolink for iPod to Mazda Modular, Mk2/2.5/3
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Audiolink for iPod to Mazda Modular, Mk2/2.5/3

Audiolink for iPod to Mazda Modular, Mk2/2.5/3

£82.25 inc Vat
by Ray Hawkins
Date Added: Friday 30 April, 2010
Nice kit, fitted to a 2007 Z-Sport in about 10 minutes and that included mounting the unit and putting everything back in the glovebox!
I dropped the glovebox door and spent a minute or two feeling the back of the head unit for the socket, which is next to the aerial lead but nearer the centre of the car. The locking tab is on the bottom by the way.
Another couple of minutes trying to get my fingers around the plug in such a way that I could get it behind the head unit and push it in.
On the first attempt I thought I heard it "click" into place and was about to leave it at that, then decided to give the cable a little tug and guess what! When I did finally push it in all the way there was a positive "click" and a gentle tug produced no movement.
Next plug in the iPod and turn on the ignition and test it works!
Using double-sided sticky pads (for number plates) I mounted the unit on a flat surface by the knee vent and using a self-adhesive cable tie anchor secured the cable to the iPod to the back of the glovebox door, running all the surplus cable between the unit and the iPod into the glovebox. There isn't that much to worry about and it leaves plenty for the passenger to bring it out and search for a tune.
Next clip the glovebox door into place, put all of the rubbish back in the glovebox, put the kettle on and wonder what to do with the rest of the morning that I'd set aside to fit it. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 109 Reviews]

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