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Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1
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Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

£248.51 inc Vat
by Martin Townsend
Date Added: Tuesday 16 October, 2012
Okay, firstly... removal of the old exhaust pipe from my 97 1.8 mk1 has been a challenging task; eventually I had to take the car to a garage to have the nuts and bolts removed, which held the old exhaust to the catalytic converter... they also struggled and had to basically melt the nuts and bolts off!!! Fortunately they only charged me the price of a couple of beers. The old exhaust pipe hadn't given up yet; with the car lifted onto axle stands removing the pipe still proved difficult... fortunately the peg which supported the mid-shaft section of the pipe was rusted and after some persuasion this came off making removal far more straightforward. Attaching the the new pipe was extremely easy and fitted exactly.... well done mx5 parts. So after all of my blood, sweat and tears I was keen to have a go and.... WOW!!!! what a sound!!!! deeply resonant without being intrusive.... no CHAV sounds here just a lovely exhaust tone. Definitely improved low down grunt and once again the noise when pulling away from the lights is sublime... it hasn't affected the quality at cruising speed. Having just serviced the car she is running better than ever... despite the challenges of getting this pipe on it was worth all the effort and I would recommend this to anybody. Once again thanks mx5 parts and excellent product, great service at a good price... buy it!!! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 67 Reviews]

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