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Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1
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Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

Stainless Steel Exhaust, IL Motorsport Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

£248.51 inc Vat
by Neil Johnson
Date Added: Monday 26 June, 2006
Excellent product - wouldn't describe as noisy, but definately has a raspier sound at 3500rpm+ and when you put your foot down. At idle and when driving gently it's not noticeably louder than the stock exhaust. Doddle to fit, except for the cat nuts. One came off fine, the other seized and snapped the stud. Turned a 1 hour job into a 4 hour - if your studs are looking suspect i would suggest grinding off the exposed section of the stud prior to taking off the nuts - will make your studs shorter but should reduce the risk of seizing and snapping your stud. Anyway, if you do break a stud this worked for me - I cut a slot through the cat flange using my grinder, diagonally right through the broken stud - then put a nut and bolt through the slot and seems to fix the exhaust on just fine. if you snap both studs this probably won't work as aligning the exhaust with the cat might be tricky. any, it all seems to align up fine and it's not blowing (yet). if it does, i'll buy a new cat or a bypass pipe, as it's probably cheaper doing that than paying a london garage to fix it. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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