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Aluminium Brake & Clutch Pedal Set, MX5 Mk4
Aluminium Brake & Clutch Pedal Set, MX5 Mk4
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by Nigel Rowand
Date Added: Saturday 12 September, 2020
5 of 5 Stars!
Good product, it fits well once they are in place (as you'd expect for genuine Mazda parts).

They are a bit pricey but genuine parts tend to be.

The fitting instructions are clear enough. In principle they are very simple to fit. You just remove the old pedal rubbers and put these on as replacements. However, the fit is very tight (as it should be) and it takes quite a bit of persuasion to get them on.

I got the old rubbers off in a couple of minutes but it took almost an hour of shoving, swearing and getting a blister on my finger before I finally got the replacements on.

There's nothing particularly unusual in any of that. They are just glorified pedal rubbers and that has always been my experience when fitting new rubbers. The end result was nice sporty-looking pedals though.

I did them on a nice warm day and that would help (cold rubber being less flexible).