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Aluminium Pedal Set, IL Motorsport, MX5 Mk4
Aluminium Pedal Set, IL Motorsport, MX5 Mk4


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was £76.67
by Anthony John
Date Added: Sunday 23 December, 2018
5 of 5 Stars!
Really pleased with the look and quality of these pedals. The brake and clutch items replace the originals whilst the foot rest and accelerator items are screwed over the original plastic items. As documented in other reviews, there are no instructions and those contained in ILM website are actually for a NC model. I found that fitting the brake and clutch items was easiest achieved by removing the aluminium covers (prising the two tabs carefully away by a couple of mm) and the rubber could then be simply fitted to the pedal assembly before refitting the aluminium covers and bending down the tabs again. As to the the remaining items, I used a 2mm drill rather than 3/4.5mm mentioned in the on-line instructions. They look fantastic but only time will tell how the aluminium will stand up to wear and scratching.