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Analogue Clock with Black Face & Black Rim
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Analogue Clock with Black Face & Black Rim

Analogue Clock with Black Face & Black Rim

£35.24 inc Vat
by Emma Harrington-frost
Date Added: Tuesday 14 August, 2007
I cannot comment on the delivery as this was a birthday present, but I assume it was top notch as always!

Now, I know how to wire a plug, and fitted my car stereo with relative ease with the wiring harness, but this one threw me to be honest.

First problem was identifying whether the L or the + was the permanent live (I failed physics) It is the +. The L is for the lighting and the - is for the earth. I was advised by my local car parts store to use clips to clip onto the permanent live and illumination of the car radio harness, but when I tried this I had no light or power. I had to actually cut the plastic to bare the wire before I could use the plastic clips to make the connection - the wires were too fine and just wedged between the metal.

On the back of the clock there were only what I assume are male spade like connections and not knowing how to attach female connections to the ends of my reclaimed speaker wires, (and not having any femal connections), I simply wrapped the wire ends round the screw threads and tightened the nuts - I hope these keep in place.

I was not able to find a way through from the air vent hole down to the stereo system, so again, this is fudged but the wiring is hidden all the same, and I wasn't sure if the clock was supposed to sit above the plastic rim of the vent or underneath as both looked ok. Mine is now underneath the rim - proving a tight fit, but otherwise looking smart, with two "frames".

Having finally fitted the centre panel and arm rest console back together I discovered that the illumination was actually orange and not green, which is a shame!

Overall, I would have been happier with a green illumination (can I change the bulb - the unit looks completely sealed?); Suggestions on how to feed the wiring through the back of the vent and the connection pieces themselves and pay a few bob more for it to save the two trips to the car parts shop (and still ending up with a bit of a fudge)! Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 4 Reviews]

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