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Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit Complete, Polybush, MX5 Mk1
Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit Complete, Polybush, MX5 Mk1
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by john williams
Date Added: Thursday 15 April, 2004
5 of 5 Stars!
I can recommend these bushes to stop those funny knocks and rattles you seem to get!

Delivery was superb – arrived next day – even using standard delivery.

Only slight confusion was the pack contains 4 packets, one contains the front anti-roll bar support bushes, one contains the rear anti-roll bar support bushes, and two (both marked ‘front’) containing the drop link bushes. However the drop links are identical front/rear so the pack should really state ‘front/rear’, but a quick e-mail brought a confirmation message promptly back (they are certainly organised and helpful here). 5 stars for customer care.

As for the fitting this is straightforward, just ensure you have used plenty of WD40 or similar on the nuts before you attempt to undo them (they can be stubborn bu**ers – I managed to break a cheap old socket trying to start one of mine – only proves quality tools are always worth that bit extra!).

I recommend doing the rear first (only ‘cos it’s simpler there) and using car ramps to raise the car (you can then keep it on its wheels which is necessary when re-fitting and tightening). I would suggest that an hour would see you removing and re-fitting either the front or rear bushes, unless you decide as I did to re-paint the drop links and rear anti-roll bar before re-fitting.

To remove the old bushes from the drop links you need a good strong engineering vice and a couple of sockets (one larger than the old bush and one smaller to push through the drop link) then lots of pressure. I suppose you could remove them with a chisel, knife or what ever you have, and just chop them out as they are due for the bin. Inserting the new bushes is simple and they can be pressed in by hand (with a bit of body weight). It’s then a simple reassembly on the car, tighten to the correct recommended torque and the jobs done. The only difference at the front is that the undertray needs removing and then refitting and also it would be hard to remove the anti-roll bar due to it passing over pipes etc. (but as this is more protected anyway I didn’t think mine needed a re-paint).

Overall a simple job, well worth the effort and expense. I am now planning to replace all those other bushes for poly… just need that extra bit of cash…

Again I cannot praise Scimitar highly enough for their constant prompt service and responses. Thanks guys & galls.