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Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit Complete, Polybush, MX5 Mk1
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Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit Complete, Polybush, MX5 Mk1

Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit Complete, Polybush, MX5 Mk1

£106.63 inc Vat
by Johnie Thornton
Date Added: Monday 14 April, 2008
Fantastic improvement! Our 80K miles 97 Harvard crashed and rattled over bumps and potholes, and though great fun to drive, was generally feeling pretty tired - an old car. Now an absolute pleasure, and I don't spend my time weaving back and forth avoiding the smallest hole in the road (this is south London, so there are a lot of holes). Corners much more evenly and securely too.

However, a bit of fitting advice. I spent about a week going out every evening and spraying the bolts with WD40 in preparation. When the weekend came and the car was up on axle stands, I set about the first of eight bolts. It just crumbled away, absolutely no chance whatsoever of removing it. The rest were the same. Back on its wheels for another week, and of to the Mazda dealership for a whole new set of nuts and bolts, at about £37 for eight pairs. The 3 hours with a 4 inch angle grinder to remove the offending little sods, face full of red hot sparks under the wheel arches, pleasantly coolest by the freezing hail and snow landing on my back. I'm lucky enough to have a one tonne press, so drilling out the old rubber and pressing out was a 10 minute job, and the lovely new ones slid in easily with copious white grease. The old rubber seemed OK till pressed out, when I realised it had hardened to resemble oak. Refitting with the new bolts was a joy.

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