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Audiolink, Bluetooth, MX5 Mk2/2.5/3
Audiolink, Bluetooth, MX5 Mk2/2.5/3
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by Barrie Leak
Date Added: Friday 26 February, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Bought this recently for my newly acquired MK3. Looked at other options including buying a new head unit and fascia but decided to give this a go. Had to do a bit of searching as to how to get the OEM head unit out to be able to plug the unit into the external CD changer socket but not too difficult. I was concerned that there might be a security code on the head unit from a previous owner and I had no record of this so despite the advice on here, I connected the Bluetooth unit without disconnecting the battery. I made sure the ignition key was out of the switch and the head unit had been correctly switched off before proceeding. Simple single plug into the back of the head unit after routing cable from glovebox. Thankfully all good! Now the module is paired to my iPhone, I have spotify for all my music and when I switch the stereo on, it connects instantly and providing the correct "mode" is selected on the head unit, it just starts playing my music from where it left off previously, brilliant! If an incoming call is received, you get an announcement telling you. Press the up button on the steering wheel and start talking, press down button, call ends and music resumes! For the money and relatively easy installation, I really like it and it keeps the OEM look to the dash, the head unit being good quality as standard. Only thing I would have liked would have been a longer lead for the microphone but it's now mounted on the little tray at the front of the centre console and callers say the sound quality of speech is fine. I've not needed to but iPhone can be charged via USB port on the module, tucked away in the glove box, it normally just stays in my pocket! I can scroll tracks from the steering wheel control too.

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