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Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3
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Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3

Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3

£82.25 inc Vat
by James Orrick
Date Added: Tuesday 03 October, 2006
This product is great!

All you have to do is remove the glove box by squeezing the two sides togther and pulling it forward. Now, with feet in the air and lying upside down in the passenger seat you can stick your head inside the glove box area. What you're looking for is the aerial connection. The aerial wire is covered in a furry material, follow this to the end where it plugs into the headunit. Right next to the aerial socket you should locate an empty socket - this is where you plug the modular unit in. (There is not much space so all I could do was use my fingers to feel where the socket is - you're essentially doing it blind). Once you know where the socket is, it is a matter of feeding the plug past the aerial plug and aiminig it towards the socket. This was the trickiest part, but patience pays off and eventually it can be manoeuvred into position.

I can now play my music off my SD memory card since the product comes with an optional card reader instead of using an MP3 player. When putting music onto the card, create 6 folders CD01, CD02....CD06. You can include up to 99 songs in each folder.

The tracks can then be selected from the headunit controls.

Excellent device and very neat with good music quality. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 33 Reviews]

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