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Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3
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Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3

Audiolink for MP3 Player to Mazda Modular/Bose, Mk2/2.5/3

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by Richard Knowles
Date Added: Saturday 10 November, 2007
I had a frustrating time with this, but I got there in the end.

I tried very, very hard to use the glovebox technique, but there was no way on Earth I was ever going to succeed. The gap is just far too tight - maybe my car has a bit more stuff behind the radio, but there wasn't even room to get the connector in.

Anyway, I needn't have bothered since removing the head unit on a Mk2.5 (non Bose) was much much easier. I just found some instructions on the web - you remove the plastic side pieces (very carefully) and then plug each of the 10 holes with a small rod - allen keys would work well (I improvised and used some kebab skewers I had lying around!). Then just pull out and you can easily access the socket.

Once the unit was in, it worked straight away. But then an hour later it wasn't working anymore - until I realised, entirely my fault, I'd plugged in the 3.5mm auxiliary cable to keep it tidy - but I hadn't realised that this mutes the sound from the USB (watch out for this everyone, it's not obvious, especially if you've disregarded the instructions).

The instructions are absolutely naff, you WILL need the advice from the reviews on this site!

In short, I hated fitting it, not simple at all and the glovebox technique was far too hard for me. It seems to work well now, but it does seem to get stuck sometimes on the first track - I'm sure this is a minor problem.

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