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Boot Light Kit, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5 1989>2005
Boot Light Kit, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5 1989>2005
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by Iain Nicolson
Date Added: Saturday 03 December, 2016
4 of 5 Stars!
Mixed feelings about this item! I had a couple of problems fitting it, but now it’s there I would definitely recommend it.
Firstly, the plunger switch is pretty poor quality, mine snapped as soon as I started to tighten it (I see another reviewer had the same problem). Full credit to MX5Parts for getting a replacement to me the following day, thanks guys! Anticipating the same problem with the new part, I only tightened it with my fingers, no spanners or sockets used….I also substituted the supplied spring washers with a lighter one - finger-tightening the nut still started to compress my washer so I’m confident it won’t work loose.

Secondly, on my car (1993 Eunos S Special) it was not possible to mount the switch low enough to allow full movement of the boot hinge and so the boot lid would not close! I had to modify the mounting holes on the switch mounting bracket in order to position the bracket about 1cm lower, and I also removed the upper adjustment nut from the switch, that then gave enough clearance for the boot hinge to complete its full travel and hence for the boot to close properly.

But don’t let the above put you off buying this, it is quite a neat fitting and provides useful light for the boot – especially if you substitute the supplied filament-type festoon bulb for one of the excellent LED bulbs available on Amazon very cheaply, they are much brighter and really make a difference (I also fitted these to the 2 interior lights on the lower dashboard, so I’ve now got 2 bright white lights instead of 2 dull yellowish ones…!)