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Bumper Reflector Set, Smoked, MX5 Mk4
Bumper Reflector Set, Smoked, MX5 Mk4
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par Martin Lynch
Date : dimanche 16 octobre 2016
5 étoiles sur 5 !
When I first saw the new MX-5 I thought what the heck are those awful looking blanking plates stuck on the side of the front and rear bumpers?

MX5Parts to the rescue! I know they seem quite expensive (and Mazda should fit them to non-USA MX-5's in the first place), but they make the car look so much better on side view. Congrats to MX5Parts for tracking them down as UK Mazda dealers haven't even got them listed. Easy to fit and well worth the money. If you want to see a whole load of accessories bought from MX5Parts and fitted to my ND click here: