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Bumper Reflector Set, US Spec, MX5 Mk4
Bumper Reflector Set, US Spec, MX5 Mk4
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by Allen Robson
Date Added: Friday 31 May, 2019
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I have not purchased these but do wish to comment.
(Low rating simply because these units do not comply with UK & EU regulations)
The knockouts are in the front and rear wheel arches - not the bumpers as you state in your advert. These are side markers, and should therefore be Amber and light up. I suggest that if fitted the red rear units will contravene our regulations. The white ones also do not comply. Amber side markers are legally required on long vehicles (coaches & lorries). Mazda should be encouraged to make them Amber for the UK & EU and provide a wiring kit. They should come on with the side lights.
I’m very much in favour of side on illumination & reflection - but it must comply with regulations.
Also I strongly disapprove of Mazda marketing this vehicle with knockouts. It should either have the correct Amber lights fitted or have a wing pressing without knockouts. My RF is not enhanced by knockouts.

Editors Note: Thank you for your comments, however please allow us to clarify a few points.

Firstly, these are bumper reflectors. They may sit at the edge of the wheel arch, but they are physically fitted into the side of the front and rear bumper covers so the description is correct.

Secondly, they do comply with legislation. The section of the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 that covers optional side retro reflectors states that the colour must be \"Amber or if within 1m of the rear of the vehicle it may be red\".

Next, Mazda are not obliged to supply wiring looms for these as they are not fitted to UK or European models, don\'t need to be and are not offered as an accessory upgrade. As the description states, these are US spec reflectors which are only factory fitted to US cars where it is a legal requirement to have them, and they must illuminate. It is not the case in Europe. We were asked to source them by a number of customers as a retro fit upgrade which we were of course happy to do. The issue with wiring them in is that it causes problems with the can-bus system on UK and European cars as they were never meant to have them, however if suitable bulb holders are sourced and wired into the side light loom, and only LED bulbs are fitted then they do work. We\'ve done it to our car as a test and they are fine, but there is nothing to say that if side reflectors are fitted they have to light up. Original factory Mk1 and Mk2 amber reflectors never did.

Lastly, the appearance of the blanks in the first place is personal taste, however being heavily involved in the production of parts their existence it is likely to be down to the cost of the mould. For a part the size of a bumper cover it is very high so it doesn\'t make sense to produce two different versions (one with cut outs and one without) when you can make one and fit colour coded blanks to the cars that don\'t need the reflectors.