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Bush Set, Polyurethane, Front Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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Bush Set, Polyurethane, Front Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

Bush Set, Polyurethane, Front Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

£111.25 inc Vat
by Simon Rees
Date Added: Friday 25 February, 2005
Very poor quality control.

Today's the big day when I fit the front suspension back together. I take the Friday afternoon off work and look forward to a weekend behind the wheel of a well-sprung automobile. Or so I thought...

When I try to get the lower A-arms back on, something's wrong. The rear bush is a good 5mm too long to fit in the slot. I turn it this way and that, as you do, then give up and ring MX5Parts. Ah, says the man, this has happened before. You got part no. 27G when you should have 27C. Sure enough, the bag says 27C, the bushes that were in it say 27G. I'm furious. Swore. Shouldn't have. Then I ask for an apology for the mess-up. Manage to get one. Just one question, MX5Parts - if it's happened before, why on earth don't you check the boxes to ensure they're right?

So to all of you girls and boys in MX5land, check your new bushes before you take your car to bits. Sorry that this review doesn't tell you whether the bushes improve the ride, the car is in bits till I get the parts. Only one positive thing to say about MX5Parts - if they publish this review unedited, I admire their honesty.

Editors Note:

We are very sorry for the error, The bush sets are packaged at Polybush, and the 'C' and 'G' are very difficult to read. The problem has only happened once before and unfortunately we thought it was a 'one off' error. We will now set up a checking procedure at 'goods in' to ensure it is not repeated.

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