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Bush Set, Polyurethane, Rear Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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Bush Set, Polyurethane, Rear Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

Bush Set, Polyurethane, Rear Wishbone, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

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by Michael Shaw
Date Added: Tuesday 12 May, 2009
1996 mk1 1.8 supercharged 104,000 miles

After finding over the last few years that the car was getting a little twitchy on bumps in corners and white lines,to the extent that that the car was not being driven as much as it should be as it became wearing.I had been toying with the idea that all the bushes were getting tired.What bought it home was a high speed near miss,when an oncoming ****** pulled out to over take and i hit every thing only to feel the car pulling this way and that as the wheels moved around under me , the back end was distinctly wayward.

Stipped down the rear bushes and found quite a few torn internally,so a new kit ,get the bolts ,mine were corroded to hell,also invest in in anti rollbar bolts mine had to be ground off,anti rollbar bushes were fine ,no damage or wear ! The big long hub bolt was soaked and wire brushed several times and as a result came out with just gentle persuasion,i did put new bolts in anyway,but the old were perfectly servicable
Around eight hours to fit.No real dramas.

Next weekend did the front , top arm main bolt requires the antiroll bar clamp bushes to be half taken out LOTS OF WD40 mine were just about seized but eventually little by little came out,wire brushed and copperslipped.Took the top arm off the hub,and the bottom complete with the hub,having previously changed the rear shocks finally got round to the fronts (2 years later)very easy with every thing stripped down.I forgot to order the front bolts but they were perfect just surface rust ,cleaned them up and refitted. @ 8 hours due to cleaning of threads etc .Anti rollbar bolts got the angle grinder.

The bushes came out with an large socket and home made extractors made of 10mm and 12mm allthread and washers and nuts.The bushes slid in with the aid of washing up liquid.The lower arm was done by myself with the hub still attatched,although It would have been easier with a helping hand.All the bushes were easily put in with an ordinary vice.
all the bolts were lined upto the previous marks and lightly nipped up then the car was taken round the local roads for a slow gentle bed in over all the speed humps i could find.
Two days later off to get it all alligned.the front was miles out toeing out some 10mm, and the rear7 mm toe out.(set to original marks)
I could not set up the camber and caster as someone had misplaced the equipment so that was guesstimated and after using a straight edge , mark one eyeball and a tape measure both sides were the same.A lot of fiddling and a bit of a learning curve as no one at the the shop had done a full front/rear alignment on an MX5.

The toe was set at 2mm toe in front and rear.It pays to get to know your tyre man who does tracking,I know many who do laser alignment ,but very few who know what they are doing how to do it properly.they also appreciate unsiezed bolts and track rod ends.

The difference is amazing the car is as it was 6 years ago.No twitching even under full boost coming out af a corner ,no crashing or bobbing on bumps in bends,very stable in side winds and under hard braking.The was always chuckable ,but now it so catchable as well with no little suprises. The ride has softened if anything no hashness that I thought may happen.Should have done it years ago ! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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