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Catalytic Convertor By-Pass Pipe, Stainless Steel, MX5 Mk1
Catalytic Convertor By-Pass Pipe, Stainless Steel, MX5 Mk1
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by Oliver Wilson
Date Added: Saturday 29 September, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
Hi, thought I would write a more detailed review plus a video for anyone, like me who could not make their mind up...

I have a Eunos import 1.6, after much debating over what Exhaust system to go for and whether or not to by pass the CAT as my Eunos is a 1991... I bit the bullet! I was looking for a sound that complemented the DOHC 16v engine and something that married well the induction noise... Ive spent hours online listening to exhaust notes on Youtube driving everyone in the household mad! Ive been to a couple of car show/meets to listen to the other Mx5's... Anal I know! I just wanted to get it right.

SO, I purchased both the Silenced Cat By-Pass 370mm and the MX5 parts exhaust single exit over the weekend, to my amazement they had them on offer! PURCHASED!

The system looked like a doddle to fit so anyone with the skills and equipment should have no probs! The bolts on mine had seized so I thought 'sod it' and took it to a good local garage who fit it for £24... Just got back now and I can tell you it sounds fantastic! I am trully chuffed to bits! There is NO loss of LOW rev range power which apperently is a bit of a myth... If anything it has slightly more poke! It is loud on the Revs but not as loud as some of the other reviews state. It just has a really sporty tone which complements the engine perfectly and does NOT sound like a 'bakebean can' chav exhaust! On start up and over run there is a lovely deep growl/burble with a hollowish high rev rasp on excelleration... its great!

So, the main points of concern (bear in mind I have sorted out the Induction)

Is it too loud? - NO, not at all, I can imagine if you are not used to sporty exhausts etc... then you may think so, but, as an example; my Dad had a full Larini exhaust system on his and that was LOUD, louder than this! and he is 60! He has just told me that he thinks this sounds amazing and is just right in comparrison (The Larini was close to £500 excluding fitting) Loves it! If you are still worried then I could suggest try it without the de-cat pipe from the CAT back which in theory should lower the tone... However you will be suprised with it de-catted, it is just right!

Loss of power? - NO, Like I said if anything a little more!

Easy to fit? - YES well I presume so if your bolts aren't seized, there are ways around this with preperation but I was to excited! and couldn't wait... Apperently one of the exhaust hangers can drop off on the older cars around the CAT area I believe, this is common and you can by a replacement from this website so I would check this first.

I would recomend these products to any MX5 enthusiast! They are top notch quality for the price, the service at MX5 parts is excellent, the guys there are great to chat too and really know their stuff! I ordered the parts at 12:00pm Thursday, got a text to say I would recieve them at 4:13pm Friday afternoon and the delivery driver turned up at 4:12pm and made a quip about being a minute early! Astonishing service! The de-cat pipe and exuast came really well protected/packaged and ready to go! Fantastic. If they get and bad reviews on here I am sure it will be a rare scenario or something out of thier control...

Conclusion: (of course this is personal opinion)

Don't worry, you are in safe hands... The system is amazing for the money I can honestly say the sound is great and complements the engine perfectly! I am a designer, so a bit of a perfectionist and critical, but I am chuffed to bits! Here is a link to a vid I have put up on Youtube so you can decide your self... Hope it helps!

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