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Central Locking Kit, Mk1/2/2.5
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Central Locking Kit, Mk1/2/2.5

Central Locking Kit, Mk1/2/2.5

£48.95 inc Vat
by Mike Ward
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August, 2003
You need to be a kind of evil genius to figure out what wire goes to where in this kit ( I bought mine in conjunction with the central locking kit and there are NO instructions). I used 10 years experience in electronics gained in the RAF, a good digital multimeter and two packs of fags before I sorted it. However once you have figured it out the kit works like a dream. Instead of the sidelights, which look a bit naff, I wired mine to the pop up lights which is great for scaring animals and small children. Not to mention endless hours of fun in pub car parks watching perplexed passers by !.
Before you start make sure you have a good supply of tieraps, scotchlocks and don’t wear anything you want to wear again cos that black gunk off the doors gets everywhere if you are fitting the central locking at the same time and lets face it – why would you buy this without getting central locking ?.
To get the popup extra fun feature you need to remove the centre console and using a multimeter, check which terminal on the switch block goes to +12v when you hit the popup switch , scotchlock the white wire to it and presto ! hours of fun. The lock and unlock wires (or at least the ones I got to work), are the two outer wires in the ‘bundle of three stuck together’ which connect to the socket on the top of the keyless unit (leave the centre one well alone cos if you ground it you will blow the 15A fuse to the unit) – trust me. Connect these to the brown and white wires on the central locking system marked ‘remote and alarm’ on the photocopied sheet and you wont go far wrong. The rest of the thicker wires coming from the multi connector are mostly dead herrings apart from the obvious red/black (power), brown (domelight), yellow (switchable eg radio supply) and white (pop ups/sidelights).
The ‘dome light’ is a nice touch in this kit as it provides a 20 second delay to the interior lights switching off which gives it a rather professional touch I think.
Overall I rate it 4 stars as the kit itself when installed works a treat but without instructions you will end up shooting at people from tall buildings after a few hours. Hopefully the hints above will save a few people a lot of blown fuses and quite a few cigarettes. All the above blurb is for a MK1, if you have a MK2 then best of british.

If you ever get stuck you can ask me anything (for what its worth) at snoopdoggywuf@aol.com.
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