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Chrome Needle Cap Covers, Mk1/2/2.5
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Chrome Needle Cap Covers, Mk1/2/2.5

Chrome Needle Cap Covers, Mk1/2/2.5

£15.66 inc Vat
by Darren Ashby
Date Added: Sunday 17 February, 2008
fiited these with the set of 3 chrome instrument rings

ultra easy to fit
1/ undo the 3 screws underneath the stering plastic housing
2/remove it ,it simply clips apart
3/using a flat head screwdriver,gently wedge it between the bottem of the instrement housing and just above the electric mirror switch and prise towards you
4/you will hear a click,do exactley the same on the other side
5/useing all fingers place them around the instrement panel(evenley)press in,get a grip of it and pull towards you(it just unclips ) i say pull evenley so the the clips come even a thus you damaging any of them
6/now for palstic screen,that all unclips to,remove with care(you will work out how once you look at it,
7/now the tricky bit.shine these before you put them on!put a bit of superglue on the inside of the cap,now just drop it on,DO NOT PUSH.mine just fell into place so asume that they are all like this
8/ leave to dry.and admire,
9 /put everything back together
10/i do recomend putting the chrome instuments rings on at the same time,as you dont want to go throught pulling your baby apart again

i think these are top for anymx5 2.5 ,dont know you mazda didnt think of this when they launched the car

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