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Chrome Rear Light Surrounds, MX5 Mk3.5
Chrome Rear Light Surrounds, MX5 Mk3.5
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por Barry Smith
Data de introdução: Sábado 11 Janeiro, 2014
1 em 5!
The first set arrived with the tape so lacking in adhesion that the backing wasn't stuck to it-even in the sealed bag. They were replaced when they couldn't stick on the car even whilst fitting them.
The second set were slightly better, but after very heavy rain before Christmas, water got to the tape near the number plate, and one began to peel. Eventually at speed, it fell off, though I did find the pieces later. The third set lasted a little longer, but torrential rain saw another one start to peel near the number plate again, and then, once more at speed preesumably, a combination of turbulance and driving rain meant that it too vanished.
They always come off complete, leaving no trace of the tape on the light itself, so either the tape isn't capable of sustaining adhesion, or they are slightly too tight a fit which stresses them, so they peel to relieve that stress, and water does the rest. I cleaned the lamp with MX5parts cleaner before fitting to ensure a good bond, but to no effect.

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