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Chrome/Satin Heater Control Knob Rings, MX5 Mk3
Chrome/Satin Heater Control Knob Rings, MX5 Mk3
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by Simon Hellmers
Date Added: Monday 03 September, 2012
2 of 5 Stars!
These knobs are a great idea but sadly the quality control is just not there. I ordered a set of these and as always the shipping was ultra fast. Sadly when they arrived they didn't even come close to fitting. I tried hot water, I tried detergent to grease them up, and I even tried a hair dryer to super heat the rings to hopefully expand them, but they would not slide on more than half way!

To MX5Parts Credit they arranged for a replacement set to be sent out free of charge. The replacement set arrived to day and sadly whilst they are better then the previous set, they are still not perfect. 2 of the rings now slide on easily and fit perfectly and look great. However one of the rings still has a few mm gap where it refuses to slide on any further. It might not sound like much but it is terribly annoying especially when you know the gap is there. Once again I have tried heating the ring but it refuses to slide on any further to fill the noticeable gap.

It's very upsetting because these are a great addition to the interior of the car and do not come all that cheap when you consider what they are, but the fact that these are a non OEM product is obvious in the build quality and sadly I think I may have to abandon these rings and wear the loss in light of this annoying gap. To make matters worse, attempting to force the rings on has somewhat damaged my heater knobs with some free play in the knobs now very evident.