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Chromed Fog Lamp Bezel Trim, MX5 Mk3.5
Chromed Fog Lamp Bezel Trim, MX5 Mk3.5
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by Robin Curston
Date Added: Sunday 15 April, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
Fantastic. A few tips for fitting I used a extra 2 sticky mirror pads on each trim, I then cleaned the plastic part it was being stuck to, I cleaned it with white spirit and then tried it out by seeing if masking tape would stick this didn’t work so then tried meths then surgical spirit but the masking tape still wouldn’t stick I then tried thinners (do so at your own risk) the plastic then went a kind of white but the masking tape stuck like glue put the trims on seem to have stuck very strong and still very tight. A nice cheap mod.

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