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Chromed Needle Cap Covers, MX5 Mk3
Chromed Needle Cap Covers, MX5 Mk3
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by Barrie Leak
Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Coming from a long line of MK1's, where I could change dial faces or install needle caps etc very easily and quickly, I thought it would be just as easy on the MK3. Well it was, sort of. Very little information available, none came with parts as to how they fit. After some research, I started the job.
1. Using a trim tool, I prised the gauge hood off gently, there is a gap around the back edge, four clips, no screws
2. Undo three screws on lower half of steering column surround, split the two halves and remove.
3. Pull the top edge of the Middle cover panel below the steering column towards you and unhook at the bottom
4. There is one screw In the middle at the top of the gauges
5. Two screws underneath at either side which are a bit more difficult to locate.
6. Pull the gauges from the bottom towards you, it "hinges on the top screw mount, lift it free.
7. There are two white plugs to disconnect and a clip that holds the loom on the back of the gauges to pry off.
8. Take the gauges to your work surface and turn them face down on a cloth.
9. Four small screws to remove from the black cover then lift off the rear cover, this reveals the PCB.
10. There are plastic clips around the edge of the clear plastic cover for the gauges, gently pry off, working around the entire cover.
11. Gauge needles are now exposed and caps can be fitted using the supplied double sided tape.
12. The needles are delicate and can move around the face of the gauge, resting in odd positions. Don't worry, providing you've not had the needle off its pin, they rest in the correct position when reconnected to the loom, as I discovered!
Reinstalling in reverse order to removal. Worth the effort in my opinion.