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Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8
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Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8

Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8

£274.26 inc Vat
by Tony West
Date Added: Friday 01 August, 2008
Had erratic idling issues even after a full Mazda service. Felt like the car was going to stall when pulling off became a bit of a balancing act pulling away.
Fitted NGK ZFR6F-11 Long reach sparkplugs and Magnecor Electrosports 80 Ignition Lead Set and a new coil pack, what a difference drives like new actually probably better. I fitted the coil pack a few weeks after the leads and plugs as they did not solve the problem.

Fitting was straight forward took me 20 minutes. Tools required are 12mm spanner, 12mm socket wrench and small flat blade screwdriver. First remove the HT leads, three bolts hold the coil pack in place the top two can be loosened with the wrench and then undone with your fingers. The bottom one is a little fiddly and required the spanner, again loosen and then use your fingers. Once bolts have been removed lift the coil pack onto the rocker cover and turn it around so the bottom is facing the front. Take your screwdriver and pop the two plugs off. Remove the washer from the bottom bolt cut out and fit this to the new coil pack, now clear the cables out of the way, you may want to mark the two plugs with a marker so you don\'t mix them up (left/right or 1/2). Line up the new coil pack and fit the two top bolts using your fingers then feeling your way around fit the bottom bolt. Tighten the bolts fit the two plugs and refit the HT leads you can use the old coil pack to make sure you get them plugged in correctly as it is marked.

A definite instantaneous improvement like I said drives like new, probably better but that may also be down to the leads and plugs. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 24 Reviews]

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