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Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8
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Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8

Coil Pack, Geuine Mazda, Mk2 1.8

£274.26 £246.84 inc Vat
Date Added: Saturday 20 December, 2008
Mk2 1.8 coil pack is easy to fit but getting the old one off is tricky- this is what I would have found helpful; use a 12mm ring spanner to undo the bolts- the one below is through a rubber bush and is accessed from the offside. If it's burred (it's virtually invisible and has to be done by touch) it's possible to lever the whole unit up and off the bush because the coil pack mounting hole is actually open at the bottom- you can just see this on the mx5parts photo. I used a length of electric cable through the top mounting holes to create a loop, a length of chipboard along the bulkhead and a strong screwdriver to lever upwards and pop the unit off the bush. Then I undid the electrical connections and replaced the unit in a couple of minutes. Not able to comment on what a difference it's made but certainly saved about £150 on what my local Mazda dealer quoted assuming it's sorted out the erratic running on 3 cylinders which it did when starting from warm, sometimes....
Seems like a common problem which you'd think a dealer would know about but perhaps 60,000 miles and Y-reg is too old for most main dealers so they're more used to routine service items.
Hopefully like all the other staisfied reviewers I will be back to loving driving our 5.
Service from MX5Parts Jochen was great, despite being out of stock and an online order hiccup ,he sorted my order to reduce the VAT and the part arrived as predicted. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 24 Reviews]

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