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LED Daytime Running Lights With Fog Lamps, MX5 Mk3.5
LED Daytime Running Lights With Fog Lamps, MX5 Mk3.5
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by Alastair Matthews
Date Added: Sunday 24 June, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
I am writing a bit of detail as I spent ages trying to decide whether to have a go at fitting these as it must be over twenty five years since I did anything much more to a car than wash and polish it, though as a youngster I did some significant work on my first few cars. I'm guessing there may be a few others out there who are also a bit nervous about going ahead with this. I ended up having to take the front bumper off to get at things properly but this was straightforward as I did a web search and found the original Mazda instructions for fitting foglights which were excellent and easy to follow. I struggled to find an ignition switched electrical feed and ended up piggybacking the feed in the interior fusebox for the Aux 12v socket and routed the wires under the dash and out through the gromet up under the right hand side of the dash where the bonnet release cable runs.

When it wasn't clear which wires went to where Andy at MX5 was great and replied the following day by-mail. One feed from the fusebox, one to earth and the other one to the wire feeding the side lights so that when the lights car side lights are turned on the DRLs turn off. The fitting took me about 6 hours, but anyone used to this sort of thing would do it in half that time I'm sure. The parts fitted very well and were of high quality.

I had ordered Aluminium Silver paint and lacquer online so had already prepared and painted the units before I started the fitting.

The units work perfectly and the whole thing looks great painted in matching paint and with the chrome pieces on each side which Iordered separately. Highly recommended and if I maaged it can't be too difficult!