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JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1
JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1
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by Mark Saxton
Date Added: Wednesday 04 June, 2014
4 of 5 Stars!
Sound a million times better than the originals. Forget the faffing about: here is the easiest way to fit them (at least in an early MK1). Takes a few minutes.
Philips screwdriver and small drill bit required. Also wire strippers if you have to change the + and - connections on the cables.

Leave door cards in place and remove speaker surrounds. Remove and discard old speakers. Offer up new ones and connect wires.

Line up one of the new JVC lugs with the furthest forward of the three original screw holes and refit screw, so speaker is resting gently in the cutout, but is still a bit loose. Have the drill ready.

Having removed the securing clips from the speaker surrounds (you don't wont them to clip into place just yet), place them back where they should be and with a gentle wiggle the new speaker will also line up with them. Slide your fingers in to hold the speaker in position as you remove the speaker surround back out of the way. Drill a hole through one of the other lugs, insert a screw and hey presto, it's in the right position and secure. Drill and add a third screw if you feel it required.

Now refit the panel clips and click the speaker surround into place. All done.

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