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JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1
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JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1

JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1

£29.95 inc Vat
by Warwick Mason
Date Added: Thursday 03 November, 2005
I fitted these to my 1990 Mk1 1.6i (UK car) in about 30 minutes using only TWO screws per side. Some bits of advice if you're fitting them to a UK Mk1: firstly, remove the speaker covers by gently pulling on the four press-in studs atound the cover. Unscrew the 3 screws in the stock speaker and remove it from the door by easing your fingers around the edge of the speaker. Disconnect the stock speaker and cut off the connector in the door right nest to the plastic connector. Bare the two door wires back about half an inch. Carefully remove the rubberised gasket from the back of the old speaker.Next, take the wires that come with the new speaker and cut off about 6 inches back from the spade connectors and bare the wires back about half an inch. Connect the spade connector wires to the wires coming out of the door together by twisting together. Then use insulating tape around the individual connections to make sure they don't short out. Use the wire from the door with a white stripe to connect to the spade connector wire that has a white stripe in it. Carefully reapply the old speaker gaket to the back of the new speaker, there's probably enough sticky on it left to do this.Now press the two spade connectors down onto the connectors on the speaker, keeping the wire with the white stripe connected to the "+" spade connector on the speaker. This ensures you have both speakers connected "in phase". Press up the spade connectors gently to prevent the fouling the door as you move the speaker around to line up the screw holes. In the speaker one big screw hole will line up with a smaller auxillary screw hole to two of the three screw holes in the door. This takes abit of fiddling but you know when you have it right because the screw holes line up. Insert and tighten two of the three screws that you removed when taking out the old speaker. Refit the speaker cover carefully. Now sit back and enjoy your new vastly improved sounds. Absolutely fantastic sounds. No instructions, and doesn't fit the UK mk1 straight out of the box, BUT huge sound, no rattles or booms. Delivery was next day as usual....!! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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