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JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1
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JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1

JVC Door Speaker Set, MX5 Mk1

£29.95 inc Vat
by tim kelly
Date Added: Sunday 11 October, 2009
Cracking speakers for the money,and no problem fitting.

For fitting,this is the easiest way,remove the old speakers,take a razor blade or knife and seperate the plastic cover from the old speaker slowly working round the edge.

When you have removed it,put the new speaker into the cover,and rotate the speaker till the holes of the cover line up with the ones of the speaker.You will find on the speaker there are little spikes on the circumference,where these line up you will need to put little notches in the plastic cover and the speaker will now sit perfectly flush.

The speaker is slightly smaller than the old one,so get some small washers for the 3 screws,so that it retains the speaker as the screws wont other wise.

if you want a perfect seal,and no vibrations or distortion,run a thin bead of silicone round the plastic cover before installing.

I will guarantee you will be impressed if you do this,with my hardtop on the sound in the car is amazing great bass,very clear with nice mid range and treble,

Cant see them handling 210 watt,as i'm using without an amp with a 200 watt stereo,and there at the limit.

great buy highly recommend,

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