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Eibach 30mm Sports Springs Set, MX5 Mk3
Eibach 30mm Sports Springs Set, MX5 Mk3
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by Timothy Hugall
Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
These should have been fitted as standard.

I was eager to get these fitted to get rid of the 4x4 look the car has however I was skeptical about how much difference it would make to the drive. These springs are....


It took about 5 hours to fit these to my 1.8 56 plate in the back garden with a decent jack and some axle stands.

Easiest way to do them is to loosen the top wishbone bolts away from the car and then drop the shock out as one whole unit and this means you get to do any spring compression away from the car. The rear is easier however you will need to disconnect the rear sway bar which takes a bit of time and care. There are no instructions with these springs but just so you know, the two marked VA are for the front and HA are for the back. The real trick to getting this install absolutely right is to not tighten up anything until the car is back on the ground under its own weight, otherwise you could end up with twisted bushes or the car higher than it was when you started.

Upon these being fitted it's taken a few days for the height to fully settle and the car does not look ridiculous or barry-ied, it looks just right.

Cornering has changed from wallowy and unpredictable to bang on with little body roll and the car doesn't skip over bumps and potholes like a stone across water any more.

As for the ride, I'd say it's actually more comfortable than it was, the car rides flat and firm rather than bouncing 3 feet in the air when you drive over a leaf like it used to. It still clears speed bumps with little issue.

All I need to do now is have the alignment and geometry reset but my mechanic told me to hang fire for a few hundred miles until everything settles.

Do not hesitate to buy these. They're definitely worth it. Here is a picture of my MX5 post install (needs a clean)

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