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Electric Window Kit, MX5 Mk1
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Electric Window Kit, MX5 Mk1

Electric Window Kit, MX5 Mk1

£243.46 inc Vat
by Ambrose Clarke
Date Added: Friday 29 October, 2004
First off - worth getting - but for the price of it it was very lacking in some areas - mostly instructions.

1. Its great when its in. Nice and fast motor.
2. Green backlit switches are slightly basic looking but nice.
3. All bolts aligned perfectly. The topmost bolt is adjustable to enable the
bolts through the glass to align properly.

1. Its not the kit pictured. Similar but a silverish metal, not goldish like photo, and with larger motors. Wasnt the Bosch motors other reviewer got.
2. Supplied wiring harness was terrible - amongst others had four earth wires and two 30A and two backlight +12v loose connectors - one of each would have been enough. I had to solder new harness as if I ever wanted to remove the car center again It would be very messy to have to reconnect the crazy 12 separate spade plugs.
3. Had to cut up the original blanking dash faceplate. So no going back once started....
4. Instructions are two pages and about 30 words in total - really bad.
Wiring diagrams could have shown exactly where to route wires and tap power from
should have been specific to my car model - instead you get a schematic with no help to what fuses to connect to or where best exactly to get power.

Things to help
1. There was a fused (30A) and relayed power supply already in my mx5 free at the gear shift (factory power windows use this). I used this and it simplified installation - no relay(one supplied) or fuses(not supplied) to install or long wires to route.
2. For the backlighting on the switches - you are told to connect to parking/city lights. Much easier to connect to the Ash tray lamp only a few centimeters away.
3. Motor is powerful - but check make sure the window moves fairly easy it its runners so as not to overload them - mine was stiff.
4. The old windy system can be removed without destroying it if you remove the speaker and through the speaker hole, pop the axle from the winder mech.

Overall - great product - fitted well - but could have been made much simplier with better instructions. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 3.0 of 5 Stars! [After 14 Reviews]

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