MX5 Parts Spares - Product Review For - Peças de Motor para Mk2 2.5 1998 2005, Peças de Motor para Mk1 MX5 1989 1998 - Engine Mounts, Competition, MX5 Mk1 2 2.5


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Engine Mounts, Competition, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
Engine Mounts, Competition, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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por Christopher Malings
Data de introdução: Sexta 18 Janeiro, 2013
4 em 5!
These seem like an ok product, but unfortunately when fitting mine one didn't quite sit flush (a nib was a touch too big for a slot i seem to remember), so instead of filing down the nib slightly and refitting, i tried to tighten it flush and the bolt sheared off. Whoops.

My mistake, but perhaps worth bearing in mind if you are fitting, as these are not oem parts.

As for fitting, i seem to recall this was relatively easy albeit awkward to reach. no crane, so jacked up and on to axle stands, then jacked up slowly on sump and gearbox at the same time to help spread the weight.

i think replacing all rubber parts on 15/20 year old mx5 is good idea