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Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75 & Mk4
Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75 & Mk4
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by Barrie Leak
Date Added: Monday 09 July, 2018
1 of 5 Stars!
Bought this last week and put it on the car. I had a red anodised one from China, but wasn't a match for the true red of the car. I'm quite disappointed with this new one really. The description infers that it's made out of brass and chrome plated? It's plastic with a chrome cover over the top, even the Chinese one is solid metal throughout and it's less than a fifth of the price of this one. My choice to go for chrome, I know, but it sort of reflects the black of the under bonnet plastics and noise deadening felt under the bonnet so doesn't stand out as a shiny addition. Looks more glossy black when installed. Perhaps the satin finish may stand out more? Oh well, at least my review may help others to make a decision on whether to buy one or not. I'm not one for returning items though so will stick with it. One last point, the orientation of the cap, on the car, is inline with the cylinders rather than across them so from the front of the car, the roadster logo and oil symbols are sideways. Haven't got the OEM cap now but I'm sure that's orientated correctly so you read them from the front of the car, might be wrong. The China one is fine in that respect. Only giving one star here for quick delivery, otherwise poor product IMO.