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Oil Filter, Genuine Mazda, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
Oil Filter, Genuine Mazda, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
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by Grenville Connor
Date Added: Thursday 26 April, 2018
5 of 5 Stars!
Read all the info regarding part numbers etc etc.
The one I took off today was the LF10-14-302A-9B, (as fitted by Mazda dealer last year.
This one is SHO1 14 302A
Agreed the "Make Up" is different, but they do the same job.
MX5 parts one has bigger, but less holes. UK supplied one has more smaller holes, (swings and roundabouts I suppose).
They also fit the MX5 parts one on a few other up to date cars, so (in my opinion) will be good. As MX5 parts say, the bulletin was for European filters and not Japanese sourced ones.
My understanding is that the difference was in the "BY PASS" pressure/mechanism within the filter if it got blocked with crud.
Well, if you let you oil get in that state then you only have yourself to blame!
Also (again my opinion) either of these 2 will more than likely be better quality than after market filters.
All a matter of individual preference of course.
Many thanks as always.