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K&N Filtercharger 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk1
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K&N Filtercharger 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk1

K&N Filtercharger 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk1

£104.33 inc Vat
by Simon Mellins
Date Added: Monday 18 October, 2010
As usual with MX5 parts, the item was delivered fast and in good condition.

Thanks to my very helpful and mechanically adept father, the kit was on in an hour. It was simple and went on as it should, most of the comments here describe problems I did not encoutner on my 1990 Uk-original Mk1. Perhaps the problems are just on Eunos's.

The AFM removal was fine, thanks to reviewers on here - the clip was easy to locate - that tip really should be in the instructions! The brackets to hold the AFM in place went in fine, and did not require any bending. A bit of brute force was needed, but that is to be expected and indeed desired to achieve a tight fit, for a well-supported and snug bracket. The AFM is now rock solid in its position.

I also did not need to soak the cone's rubber end in hot water to get it on, it slipped on just fine with a bit of twisting, not sure why people had problems with this.

Cold air feed tube went on fine too, we used cable ties to attach it to the AFM and keep it off the exhaust manifold heatshield.

Some people are adding extra heatshields between the induction kit and the exhaust manifold, but I think this is unnecessary - the manifold is already under a heatshield (hence you cannot see the individual outlet branch pipes!), and the cold air feed tube is insulated with reflective material on the inside (look inside it) anyway. Also, the tube is full of cold air as you travel along. I think it's overkill to place an extra heatshield there, but each to their own.

The convenient access hatch Mazda for some reason thought to place in the frontal undertray (I think for rad or belt maintenance?) is ideal for the other end of the cold air feed tube - but the instructions' brutal suggestion to drill holes is entirely unnecessary! My dad took one look and immediately came up with a better plan, using cable ties to tie the tube end to the flap that comes down, and then to tie the joined pipe/flap to a support stalk for the front bumper. The whole assembly is subtle enough and cannot be seen when the car is on the ground without getting on your hands and knees. It also clears speedbumps with ease, thankfully!

The instructions really do need some work, though. They should contain that vital tip relating to the AFM plug, as well as advice on lock-nut technique for removing the AFM studs. The photos are low-resolution black and white, and their orientation keeps switching which is highly confusing - the front of the car should always be at the bottom of the frame, it is not helpful when some photos show the engine bay sideways!

The kit sounds great, both when pumping the throttle from idle (a sucking sound), and at high revs where the car really sings now, with a lovely roar! Overall throttle response is improved, especially in the midrange and, most noticably, motorway performace is much less breathless than before. I found myself accidentally doing 95mph where the same throttle use would normally only earn me about 80 - very impressive. It must be said that, below about 3,500rpm, the kit makes very little noise or performance difference, but that suits me fine as it means you can still have a subtle car when you want one. But when you let loose, this kit really delivers, and it looks great under the bonnet too!

As a final note, and sticking with the topic of the look of the kit, the included vinyl stickers are a lovely touch - just remember to de-grease the surface you're going to stick them to before attempting to apply the stickers, or else they won't adhese at all. I used white spirit to wipe down the plastic frontpipe before adhesing the stickers to it, and that worked a treat. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 72 Reviews]

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