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K&N Filtercharger Kit, MX5 Mk2/2.5
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K&N Filtercharger Kit, MX5 Mk2/2.5

K&N Filtercharger Kit, MX5 Mk2/2.5

£130.57 inc Vat
by Jan Ekholm
Date Added: Thursday 03 May, 2012
When installed this thing is really nice, the throttle response is a bit sharper and the nice growling sound alone makes this a worthwhile investment.

The installation however...

There's a big rubber thing that adapts the MAS to the actual filter, and after 30 minutes of cursing I gave up trying to fit it onto the MAS, it was just way, way too tight. Lubricants as well as brute force and ignorance just gave me bruises and scratches. Finally I carved off some 2-3mm all around the rubber thing to make it fit. Clearly those two parts were not made to fit each other.

Also, the included rubber tube which is supposed to guide cool air towards the filter can not really be installed without some major hacking. The plastic bottom cover under the engine simply has no space where one could install the pipe. There is a little "door" that looks promising, but it's just way too tight when opened for the aluminium pipe to get through. One would really have to cut out an own hole in the cover or simply cut out the small "door". The tiny teeny images in the installation instructions did not show what K&N wanted me to do so I simply didn't install that extra piping.

Also, the box and manual only ever mention the 1.6 engine, so perhaps I simply got the wrong kit? I had a similar kit for my 1994 MK1 and there I had no problems with installations. Also, I had the same kit for my 2000 MK2, and it was also trivial to install but did *not* have any extra piping included. Perhaps I got a 1.6 kit?

So, result when installed, 5 stars. Installation: 1 star. Average 3 stars. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 26 Reviews]

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