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Gaz Fixed Height Coilovers, Mazda MX5 Mk1
Gaz Fixed Height Coilovers, Mazda MX5 Mk1
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by Tim Headford
Date Added: Friday 13 November, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!
I rarely write reviews (sorry, Internet) but I'm rarely this impressed with a product. My NA is 25 years old and the springs were rusty and the dampers were misty. In fact, the previous owner had replaced ONE of the fronts with a totally different type, so I had oil on one corner and gas on the other. In my inexpert view the new Gaz shocks have brought the card back to what it SHOULD be, the right height on standard wheels (it was too high before, it now has an even gap round the whole arch) and the right balance of bump absorption and handling. The one thing that has really blown my mind is the extra grip the car now has, especially in the wet. It's on Pirellis and used to be more tail happy than Kim Kardashian in a twerking championship but it now corners and accelerates excellently even in an English Autumn. Suspension is designed to keep the tyre on the ground for the maximum time and this little-known fact is borne out well by these shocks. The car now corners like Michael—flatly—and yes, I know that the original setup has built-in body roll and this gives feedback before a spin and what I'm likely experiencing is feedback-free centrifuge for a longer time until I reach the threshold of grip and I spin without warning...but in all honestly I don't think this is the case. I've sent the back out in the wet when I've wanted to and I can still feel the spin a country mile before it happens. It simply has more grip now, with no apparent downside. Yes, it's a harder ride, but NOT as hard as a BMW 3 series with an M pack. I get more feedback from the road itself and steering is more responsive, as is acceleration, without the forward energy being soaked up in a bottom-dragging, dog-wiping-its-arse-on-the-carpet spring compression. This kit has transformed a great sports car into an epic one.