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Front Bumper Cover, MPS, MX5 Mk3
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Front Bumper Cover, MPS, MX5 Mk3

Front Bumper Cover, MPS, MX5 Mk3

£473.14 inc Vat
by Adam Messulam
Date Added: Wednesday 21 January, 2009
Well, it\'s been on a day, and it\'s the first mod I\'ve done in a long time that has me looking back at the car everytime I walk away. I absolutely love it. Far far better than I expected it would be. it adds some serious aggression to the front without looking nasty and aftermarket.

It arrived fairly quickly, but due to not beinf stocked (sheer size makes that silly) it came direct from Germany. It took a few days to sort this as my paintshop to whom it was delivered were slightly harder to find. I ended up having it delivered here then moved it myself down the road in an open booted honda crv!

Anyway, it was light and came primered. It cost me a very reasonable £100 to have painted. Not sure about installation costs but the bumper had to come off to have my HIDs fitted at the same time.

I also bought the eyelids having seen the IL car, but really hoped I wouldn\'t need them. I don\'t thankfully as the bumper is enough to change the look just enough.

it does sit quite low, not much lower than stock but because it has a protruding front lip rather than a receeding chin, it looks a lot lower. Not had an issue with speed bumps yet but then I do take it easy.

with it being fibreglass you\'d expect surface blemishes from the factory but the paint shop were very pleased with it and any preparation require was so minor that it made no difference to the bill.

The fit was a little tighter than stock because there is less give, but the colour match and now is better than stock. The stock fit isn\'t that good anyway, so in all it appears fairly in terms of lining up with the wings and bonnet.

Some people have commented that it lacks fog lights, but foglights ruined the look of the bumper and also added weight, and we all know fog lights do nothing other than light up the fog and about 1m of road.

I am also very keen on the larger grille opening which was filled with black metal mesh bonded into place. It means I\'ll have more air to cool the charge coller radiator from the cosworth supercharger I have bought.

Overall it is arguably the best mod I have done to the car yet.

I hope these pictures work as they paint a thousand words each! It also helps to see the look on a galaxy grey car, as the red IL car warps the look when trying to judge if it you like it.


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