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Front Indicator / Side Lights, Clear, MX5 Mk1
Front Indicator / Side Lights, Clear, MX5 Mk1
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by Trystan Jones
Date Added: Sunday 10 March, 2013
5 of 5 Stars!
March 2013. If you buy these units, make sure you have to hand a pair of single element orange indicator bulbs without the offset pegs.
I didn’t.
So, living in the middle of nowhere and having removed the old units, I then had to use the new indicator bulb holders which, together with bulbs, came with the new lenses because otherwise I would have had to run the car with “white” indicators.
Fine until FIVE WEEKS after installation when the n/s indicator bulb blew and I couldn’t get a replacement from H******s because the bulb is a double element item as used on the other side of The Pond where a front orange sidelight is incorporated into their “turn light”. There are two contacts on the base of the bulb and not a single central one as is standard in the UK.
So I bought a pair of Heavy Duty indicator bulbs from H******s, refitted the original bulb holders and even then had to file off one of the bayonet pegs to make them fit as they were offset. I will buy the proper items a.s.a.p. but I’ve had to improvise for the time being.
The only other thing which I feel I have to mention is that there seems to be an excess amount of plastic moulding around the area where the screws emerge to attach the units to the nose cone. In my case this made them rock up and down no matter how tightly they were screwed up. The danger here is that you could end up breaking your investment because of this. Look at the old items and file and fettle.
As with many other reviewers I’ve found the road to indicator / sidelight happiness to be less than smooth but will still give five stars to these items because the old refractor lenses are probably the few things that i.m.h.o. look slightly dated about Mk1 Mx5 in 2013. Overall it’s worth the effort.

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