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Front Indicator / Side Lights, Clear, MX5 Mk1
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Front Indicator / Side Lights, Clear, MX5 Mk1

Front Indicator / Side Lights, Clear, MX5 Mk1

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by Ian Giles
Date Added: Thursday 17 November, 2005
I have fitted these lights to my Eunos and they look great.
Just thought I would add a few tips for people modifying there lights to fit the original side light bulb holders.
I used a dremel tool for this job I firstly drilled a 4mm hole in to the centre of the sidelight section I then used a cone cutter to take the 4mm hole out to 13.5mm, the reason I used a cone cutter was because with a normal 13.5mm drill there is the danger of the drill pulling through the reflective lens and damaging the inside of the clear lens, with a cone cutter you will avoid this as it will not pull through because of being tapered. Then using a needle file I filed two squares on the side of the 13.5mm hole (like the originals) to fit the lugs on the bulb holder through the hole, a good tip would be to put a bit of bluetack on the end of the needle file so that if you slip with the file you don't end up scratching the inside of the lens.
I then used a Dremel cutter attachment that was very simular to a 5mm end mill cutter and took off the exess material on the back of the sidelight section so that the bulb holder lugs fit through the lens.
I then hoovered the swarf out of the light and put some kitchen towel on the end of a straw to remove the swarf that was stuck in the corners of the light.
After all this my original bulb holders fit like they did in the original units.
Also its worth buying the silver indicator bulbs that Mx5parts sell so that the bulbs blend in better, but for the side lights I used Philips blue vision bulbs as thes give a crisp white light and are very bright!

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