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Front Fog Light Kit, Aftermarket, Mazda MX5 Mk2.5
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Front Fog Light Kit, Aftermarket, Mazda MX5 Mk2.5

Front Fog Light Kit, Aftermarket, Mazda MX5 Mk2.5

£192.82 inc Vat
by Shaun Reason
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2003
Before I review this product I would like to state that the finished product looks great and is a vast improvement over the plastic inserts that come as standard.

The kit:

Firstly, the instructions are in German but with a basic understanding of electrics and some common sense you will get by with the diagrams.

You will require a crimp tool, which I did not have, so a trip to my local DIY depot was required. The tool cost around £5.50 so that wasn't too bad.

I should have noticed at the time but later another trip to my local DIY store was required because the kit had the wrong combination of spade terminals, these only cost a few pence but it was an inconvenience. I also purchased some chunkier cable ties than those supplied with the kit.

So check your kit.


Crimp some connectors onto the wires on the lights.

Make sure they marry up with the connectors on the wiring loom!

Remove black plastic inserts, they unclip quite easily.

I jacked the car up to fit the lamps, on the RH side there is access via a hole big enough to get your hand in but on the LH side I had to undo the screws of the wheel arch cover. Three self tapping screws for each light and your done.

Disconnect the battery. But remember you will have to re-code your radio so make sure you know the code!

The wiring loom runs down the RH side and all of the supplied cable is plenty long enough.

Fit the relay to one of the ready tapped holes with the supplied bolt.

Attach the negative lead to a suitable bolt on the chassis, there are plenty to choose from ( both + and - power lead on the loom have the required connector already fitted ).

Unscrew the bolt on the power line to the starter motor and attach the obvious power lead from the wiring loom, put the bolt back on.

Running the loom from the relay to the lights is easy and cable ties are supplied although I did buy extra ones.

Next you need to run the wire from the relay to the dash. I thought this would be awkward but it turned out to be quite easy, perhaps I was lucky. I noticed that the main cable loom in the car ran through a large grommet and that there was exactly the same and unused grommet on the opposite side ( for the LH drive model ); I simply removed this large grommet, pierced a hole in it, ran my cable through the pierced hole and refitted the grommet. The cable appears at the top of the passenger foot well.

Unclip the panel that has a blank switch and the headlamp adjustment roller switch. Thread your new cable up through the hole, also thread the black wire in the kit.

Use the supplied red wire and the supplied connector to join your red wire to the red/white wire of the adjacent roller switch.

Secure the black wire to a suitable earth point.

Fit the switch into the panel and connect your three wires as per the diagram, refit the panel and your done.

Reconnect the battery.
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