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Front Number Plate Plinth
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Front Number Plate Plinth

Front Number Plate Plinth

£19.93 inc Vat
by David Woodward
Date Added: Saturday 23 September, 2006
Despite some previous reviews; this is in fact an EXACT replacement part for the front plinth on a UK spec MX5. (I can't speak for the Eunos.) Here are idiot-proof instructions:-
1. Remove old number plate - use a long bladed knife to destroy the adhesion of the adhesive pads between the old plinth and number plates.(If stuck on type.)
2. Unscrew the centre part of each fitting on the old plinth. using a cross head screwdriver.
3. Pull old plinth off.
4. Clean up. There will be road grime behind the old plinth.
5. Fit trim on new plinth, note that the trim is designed to go around the top and two sides only. Adjust it carefully to ensure it has exact symmetry both sides.
6.Taking new plinth, insert new fixings, one in each hole and hold them in place with thumbs. (Not the 'screw' part at this stage.)
7. Put plinth into position - the fixings will go straight into the existing holes on the car nose cone.
8. Holding plinth firmly in position, using firm thumb pressure, PUSH each screw in turn into the centre of the fixing as far as it goes. The centre 'screw' isn't a screw as such, it only has a cross head to simplify future removal.
9. Make cup of tea and admire! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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