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Front Number Plate Plinth
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Front Number Plate Plinth

Front Number Plate Plinth

£19.93 inc Vat
by Ian Neal
Date Added: Wednesday 22 August, 2007
Update - have fitted it now; plus. as a good-will gesture MX5PARTS.CO.UK emailed me today saying they would refund the £3.60 seeing as the price had gone down the day after I bought it. So I'm no longer 'disgruntled' :) Thanks guys.

As for the fitting, this generally went ok, except one of the plastic lugs broke when I drove home the plastic 'screw'. I think this was partly because the holes I drilled into the nosecone were not wide enough and that the lug fit was just a bit too snug.

I, like others, ended up using two self tapping screws to fix the plinth to the nosecone.

I used a hair dryer on the flexible plastic trim in order to soften it up where it has to flex around the upper corners of the plinth, and there was an extra 10mm which needed snipping off.

There were two notches in the bumper at the edges which correspond with the 'swage' line which helped with the positioning of the plinth on the nosecone. I sighted the lateral postioning by eye, but could have done with someone standing a few yards back to reassure the symmetry.

The fit was generally good and when fixed on tight with the screws was nice and snug against the nosecone.

I opted to screw the number plate onto the plinth with three self tappers (the sort for number plates with the plastic folding cap on the top, as the fully plastic ones are out of the question as you would need access to the rear of the plate for the plastic nut. However, I had to use a shorter screw for the centre of the plate as it seemed that the standard size screws you find for number plates were too long and this centre one started to push against the nosecone. There is more depth at the edges of the plinth.

All done and dusted and the end result looks excellent; much better than the stick on plate I used to have which sat too close to the badge - And having bought a new badge (Lotus style Eunos badge) the whole look is much more pleasing.

Only thing now is to get rid of the glue deposits from the old sticker number plate. Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 3.0 of 5 Stars! [After 139 Reviews]

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