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Front Number Plate Plinth / Holder, MX5 MK1/2/2.5 1989>2005
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Front Number Plate Plinth / Holder, MX5 MK1/2/2.5 1989>2005

Front Number Plate Plinth / Holder, MX5 MK1/2/2.5 1989>2005

£19.93 inc Vat
by Gareth Thomas
Date Added: Sunday 21 June, 2009
Bought to replace the existing plinth, which was cracked. Quality of plastic not wonderful, but no worse than the original. The holes lined up with those already in the bumper so in theory should have been very easy to fit, however:

a) The supplied fittings had been manufactured incorrectly; the "expanding outer sleeve" did not expand when the pin was inserted, so the plinth just fell off again. I had to re-use the old sleeves from the plinth I'd just taken off (luckily I hadn't binned or broken them!).

b) The rubber protection strip had to be fitted - this was extremely fiddly to get it to stay on, with no guidence on how best to do it. In order to get it to bend 90 deg at the corners I heated the strip with a candle, folded to shape then cooled it under a cold tap. I then glued the strip in place before fitting the plinth to the car. Would have been useful to have known this before removing the old plinth, and would have done it the day before to allow the glue to set. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

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