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Fuel Filter, Genuine Mazda, MX5 Mk1
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Fuel Filter, Genuine Mazda, MX5 Mk1

Fuel Filter, Genuine Mazda, MX5 Mk1

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by James Kemp
Date Added: Sunday 25 May, 2008
A fairly simple job to do, and one that I don't think had ever been done on my 1995 Mk1 1.8.

De-pressurise the fuel line before starting work. This is done by disconnecting the fuel relay underneath the dash. On my car this is a bright yellow plug going into a black socket that has B577 marked on it. Once disconnected start the car. It will run for a few seconds and then stall. Now disconnect the battery.

The filter is hidden under a plastic cover just in front of the drivers side rear wheel. Unscrew the plastic screws putting as little pressure on the screws as possible and they come out fairly easily.

To remove the fuel lines first move the retaining clips further up the fuel lines by closing the clips using pliers. Remove the fuel line from the tank side first and have something like a golf tee close to hand to plug the line once it releases. I found the easiest way of releasing the line was by gently trying to twist the fuel line on the filter stub. It will eventually give and start moving, once it does it's fairly simple to start moving the fuel line off the stub. Even if you are quick you'll be surprised how quick the petrol comes out of the pipe. Bung the pipe with the golf tee.

Once the lines are released, undo the 10mm bolt on the bracket securing the filter. The filter can then be removed.

I believe my car had the original filter in place. The new filter is much smaller in length, but Mazda have extended the pipes so that it still attaches to the fuel lines in the same positions as the old filter. However, the new filter did not fit the original retaining bracket very easily. Once in place I needed to compress the ends of the bracket with pliers before I could get the 10mm nut to screw in place (I think the new filter is slightly larger in diameter than the old).

Reattaching the fuel lines is fairly easy, then make sure the retaining clips are put back into their original positions. Once done, reattach the plastic cover. Reconnect the fuel relay under the dash. Reconnect the battery.

To re-pressurise the fuel system, open the diagnostic box and bridge the connections GND and F/P. Turn the ignition to position II for about 10 seconds but do not start the car. This will run the fuel pump to re-pressurise the fuel line. Turn the ignition off and remove the wire from the diagnostic box. Now start the car, it should start within a few seconds.

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