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Gaz Gold Professional Coilover Kit, Mazda MX5 Mk1
Gaz Gold Professional Coilover Kit, Mazda MX5 Mk1
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by Graham Crane
Date Added: Saturday 14 August, 2010
4 of 5 Stars!
I received my Gaz Gold Pro kit from MX5Parts and opted for the 400 front and 300 rear spring combination. This was the middle of the road option between road car and track weapon, so I thought I'd give it a bash. I've been playing about with the damping settings, but I've not had enough time to make a proper decision on what ones I like best.

I would say that the ride is very firm, and possibly a little bit too hard for the road. I put up with it for the option to be faster on the track, and for when I'm really pushing on, but I'd recommend sticking to the softer springs if your car won't see any track time.

I used the setting Tony from WIM PM'd me, and the car seems to handle well. I would say the steering input isn't the sharpest, but I guess this makes it more stable at speed. When upping the speed in the corners the amount of grip available is incredible compared to before. Accelerating mid corner seems to shift the weight to the rear wheels and offer even more grip than before rather than moving into oversteer like you'd expect. I'd have to be going silly silly fast to loose traction without provoking it in the dry and even after arsing about, the transition from grip to sliding about is pretty natural and not scary at all.

It's really confidence inspiring and I can feel myself being able to carry a lot more speed into corners without the car rolling about or losing traction.

So now the car has new bushes on all the Wishbones, ARB's and drop links, as well as new Michellin Exalto PE2's and finally the Gaz Gold Pro's. They all add up to a fantastically balanced and grippy chassis.

Now bring on the power upgrades!