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Haynes Workshop Manual, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
Haynes Workshop Manual, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
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par Paul Scott
Date : samedi 10 mars 2018
1 étoiles sur 5 !
While the latest reviewer agrees that this is a poor
quality publication, why did I pay £22.49 when it is now
available at £16.63. I feel that not only did I get an
extremely poor quality item but paid a premium price for
it. Now that selling price is mx5parts fault !!! With a 26%
drop in the price, I feel that I was ripped off. Still, there is
one consolation. The £16.63 price will not have improved
the quality. £9.99 post free might just do it.

Editors Note: Apologies, the price was adjusted in an automatic update and shouldn\'t have been. It has now been reset to the original retail price. In terms of the quality, this is the only thing currently available from Haynes however we will pass your comments on to them.