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Headlamp Set, Chrome With Angel Eye, Mk2.5
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Headlamp Set, Chrome With Angel Eye, Mk2.5

Headlamp Set, Chrome With Angel Eye, Mk2.5

£219.95 inc Vat
by Andrew Wagar
Date Added: Monday 16 April, 2012
You need to be aware that the LED lamps that illuminate the angel eyes on these lights are *blue* in colour, not white. Just had my car MOT\'d and was told that they are *illegal* as supplied. MX5Parts please take note! Fortunately my MOT tester was friendly and just gave me a verbal warning, but I will investigate how to swap the coloured lights out asap as the police are likely to take a dim view of this.

Thus the 1 star review.

Other than that these lights are really good. Fit and finish is a match for the original lamps and they look excellent - much more modern. Fitting is a bit of a pain - I found I had to remove the screw/taps on the inside of the wheelarches in order to have enough movement of the bumper to get the old lights out and the new ones in. You also have to remove the bolts which secure the bumper at the front. Wiring is also a bit of a nuisance for the aforementioned angel eyes as it\'s not a straight swap and you need be able to do some simple wiring.

Also note that the lamps are supplied with bulbs, but they are not the normal HB3/4 bulbs that are normal for the MX-5. MX5parts please advise to what they are so replacements can be order when necessary!

Currently I\'ve not wired up the three extra LEDs, but may do so in the future.

Other than the issue with the blue colour the lamps deserve a 4 or 5 star - MX5parts please advise on the illumination asap as this is a serious issue.

Editors Note: We have forwarded your review on to the supplier for their comments, however these lamps are SAE marked and therefore road legal for use across Europe. As soon as we hear back from the supplier we will of course be in touch. Also, as suggested we have updated the product page with bulb types required for these lamps which are a standard H1. Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 3.0 of 5 Stars! [After 7 Reviews]

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