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JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1
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JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1

JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1

£21.95 £19.76 inc Vat
by Roger Eynon
Date Added: Sunday 01 January, 2006
Great Christmas pressie from the Mrs. A bargain at £19.95 a pair. Read all reviews previous to fitting/dismantling.

My existing speakers were no doubt factory fitted and the drivers side buzzed like hell at low volume (I had to turn the bass all the way down to accomodate) so this is the side I started on. After unzipping I saw why the sound was so bad...one of the speaker's paper bits was fully detached!!

To work..needed craft knife with long thin blade, multihead screw-driver, something to keep screws in, pen, 2 pairs of pliers, pen knife and hack-saw. The male/female clips on the JVC speakers exactly fit those on the cable end of the existing speakers. My decision was to free the whole cable from each existing speaker which meant pulling it apart.

This was done by removing all visible screws, bending back a bit of the black plastic lip of the speaker case and pushing a pen knife into the small gap between plastic and metal speaker casing. Twist the pen knife so the glue gives way and you should then see the cables. I used the hack-saw to saw through the plastic casing to the point where the cables are held in place. Then with a pair of pliers in each hand, I pulled the casing apart at the saw point and with a bit of further encouragement the cable became free. No need to pear down the rubber stopper bit (on the cables) from the casing as it does no harm. (Test your speakers at this point, simply by connecting up.)

Take a pen and draw around the base of the speaker onto the foam. The result should resemble a semi-circle and cut away to a depth of say 2.5 to 3.00 cms. You can't really cut too much away. If you do just put a bit back in. The JVC speakers fitted perfectly and I didn't need to alter the cables or clips and did not use the new cable provided (only 'cos it would take ages). I also didn't need to bend any of the new speaker casing back to fit.

The result is fantastic and at 150 watts, the car moves all by itself!! Hello neighbours!! I have no doubt that my next MX5 will also need these speakers to help fulfil my musical needs!!! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 102 Reviews]

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